Sunday, July 07, 2013

Sunday photo - one happy old couple

My Aunt put this photo on Facebook and I snitched it. It is my grandparents. They have lived the re-birth of love. (Pa is 89 years old and his hair is still brown. It's weird.)

I sometimes wonder whether bereavement is not, at bottom, the easiest and least perilous of the ways in which men lose the happiness of youthful love. For I believe it must always be lost in some way: every merely natural love has to be crucified before it can achieve resurrection and the happy old couples have come through a difficult death and re-birth. But far more have missed the re-birth.
~ CS Lewis in a letter to Sheldon Vanauken, from A Severe Mercy.

I declare that The Deathly Snows is officially the saddest chapter that ever was penned. I cried until my eyes were sore. But it is a splendid book.

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