Tuesday, July 02, 2013

It's a nephew!

So, I have another nephew on the way, which is very exciting! The gender balance is swinging more towards the middle.

I was actually fully expecting it to be a girl, which would have been exciting and lovely also, so I am adjusting. (I deleted my vague medical rambling that was here originally, because I just had second thoughts about posting some things on the internet, and there is not so much to say at present.)

I found these little shoes in a op-shop a while back and bought them because I thought they would do for either sex, but they are a little more on the boy side, which is convenient. I have a "thing" for teeny shoes. Now I know what to keep my eye out for in op-shops (I only pick out the good stuff), and can see what kind of boy things I can turn my crochet to, which will be fun.

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