Friday, July 12, 2013

God is Enough

Last night we had an album launch at my church. It’s an album our worship pastor Dan OpdeVeigh and a friend Lachlan Brown recorded, of congregational songs called God is Enough. To tell you something about it, Lachlan lectures in poetry at Charles Sturt University and has even won a scholarship in the past to go to Paris for a month to write poetry (le sigh!), which is always a good thing if you are going to write songs, and they ran their lyrics by some theological big heads and have been thoughtful about this album. If you are interested you can buy it here (and see chord charts and lyrics) or in iTunes. To me the sound was better live (it sounded excellent last night) than on the CD (as played on my computer anyway), but I've been enjoying listening today.

While I am writing about church, I loved this sermon we had last week about The Holy God Who Provides, from Exodus 15-17. It was a gob-smacking exhortation against grumbling. After the sermon we sang Be Still My Soul, and it was simply divine. (I found the Page CXVI version of this hymn I was looking for a while back, which is below.)

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