Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday funny - the day I was conned on the internet

Well, there is nothing so funny about what you are about to read, perhaps, it is just about something that is funny.

Since I am doing blog confessions, here is where I own up to my own stupidity. Late last year I contemplated buying myself the complete set of Seinfeld DVDs, sort of as a Christmas present to myself. But I hesitated. And she who hesitates is lost and all, because then the boxed set (which was going cheap in K-Mart) went out of production, and the prices of the series started escalating.

But a couple of months ago, when I did a little book index on the side, I decided I was going to buy them. I did the usual google thing, discovered the boxed set going for a similar price to what it was in K-Mart last year, from an Australian website, so I jumped in and bought it. Only then I got an email written in weird English from China. And I thought ‘oh dear’. But the discs actually turned up and looked OK and worked. That is until episode 3. Then it just went all over the place and wouldn’t play.

I tried to send an email to the company, and it bounced, so I went to the website, and, what do you know, the website had disappeared altogether. I took the disc up the local DVD shop to be cleaned cause I could see a scratch and the lady looked at it and said “this is a burned disc isn’t it?”. This when I fully realised that I had been had! I still can’t quite believe I was that stupid.

Anyway, I went to my bank and lodged a dispute and I actually got the money back, because if you buy something on Visa and it is not what you ordered they can do that. So, I was pleased that my foolishness was reversible.

Then recently I noticed JB Hi-Fi was having a “buy two get one free” on TV series, so I was able to replace it all for about the same cost (and since I’d got my money back I felt like the right thing to do was to buy the real thing, and dispose of the bogus ones, but I might put the real ones in the box packaging, because it takes up less space). So, I now have a whole 32 discs to chuckle my way through. I’ve seen many episodes of Seinfeld before of course, but doubt I’ve ever seen the whole thing. It’s hard to say what is so entertaining about a TV show that is essentially about nothing, but I am looking forward to working my way through it. I don’t watch a whole lot of telly these days, but the episodes are short and this show is good for that “chilling” thing we do. If I start talking like Jerry, George, Elaine or Kramer (which one is most "me" I wonder?), or posting a stream of Seinfeld quotes, you know why.

So, the moral of this post is don’t buy DVDs from websites you are not familiar with, or which don’t use Paypal, but you probably all knew that anyway (I think I knew it to, I just did this in thoughtless haste).

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