Tuesday, July 09, 2013

A work-from-home day

I'm working from home today. I love the flexibility that this allows. I've just put a stew of sorts in the oven because I'm up for cooking dinner for my connect group tomorrow night. It takes a couple of hours in the oven so I wouldn't have been able to do it tomorrow after work before the group (and sometimes it even tastes better a day later), and now I can have some for my own dinner tonight too. Bonus. It full of beef, bacon, red wine ... and later I'll add prunes. I don't know how anyone else will find it, but I find it quite delicious with some cous cous, for that slightly moroccan edge. I actually blogged the recipe back here, if anyone is after some winter comfort food. (My repertoire of dishes I make when a larger quantity is required (ie more than six people) is obviously not that extensive at present, and it's easy to multiply this one.) So, now I am looking forward to my dinner.

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