Thursday, June 06, 2013

Wisps of fog

Shakespeare will have to wait again sorry. But here are some links. (There are so many good things around on the internet it's hard to choose your reading, but these are some things that might relate particularly to single women.)

God, I will do anything, if … I really liked the quote Jean posted over there. Here is a piece of it:
You see, when you pray "Lord, I'll do anything if...", what's on the other side of that? It's your real God. It's what you really look to for security, for significance, for meaning, for hope, for joy. You're trying to use God as a means to that end.

But God will not a means to some other idol. Relationship with God is not a means, but the end we use our means to work towards. God himself is our end.
5 Notes on Dating for the Guys (H/T Jean for this one too): OK, so this is addressed to men, not women, obviously. But perhaps it might serve as a helpful guide as to when a guy is taking things seriously and when he is just messing about, which would spare us all a lot of time and heartache.

In other news, I think I am going to have to bite the bullet, take the plunge (what is a more fiscally appropriate cliche here? - "splash out"?) and buy a new computer. This is what the bottom of mine looks like. I thought this might actually have been because I sat too close to the heater one winter's night last year, but I think it is perhaps the battery of the computer that is the problem (?). As you can see, it doesn't sit flat, and it is as though it rocks sometimes and then suddenly switches off, or the screen whites out or gets up a riot of scrolling and flashing. The other night it went off and I thought it was gone for good. I didn't particularly want to buy a new one just now, but this one is now over 3.5 years old (not that old in my terms, but old in laptop years I believe) so I don't suppose it is going to worth spending money fixing anything. 

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