Monday, June 03, 2013

Weekend report

~ On Friday night I caught up with a very old friend. We reminisced about childhood days in Tamworth. It’s curious how we have our different perceptions on the same moments from times past. She says I was the wild adventurous one, which is perhaps true, but there must have been something in the inspiration, because most of these wild adventures happened in the company of this friend and her siblings. She and her husband have now planted a church over in the East of Sydney, which sounds very different to any sort of church I have ever been involved in, but they love Jesus and love people and it’s good to see old friends walking onwards and upwards.

~ On Saturday morning, after I got myself out of bed uncharacteristically early to go for a run because I had been rather slack at it during the week, I walked down King St Newtown, collected the lovely Cath, and we went to poke around at the Finders Keepers Markets. This is an Indie Art and Design Market that is only on twice a year, and I was away both weekends last year and missed them so I was keen to peruse this one. Finders Keepers is the kind of place I go for “ideas”, but the trouble is I look at all the things and optimistically say to myself ‘I could make that’, but do I ever make it? No. I particularly like to take surreptitious photos of crochet things (which is something I actually do make) but there weren’t so many crochet things this year, and I wasn’t quite as enthused about many of the wares as I have been in times past. I bought some nice notebooks from Bespoke Letterpress as they were 3 for $10, which I considered a bargain (I’ve already put two in the mail as gifts and wish I’d bought more) and some pens with cats on their ends for my niece, and a wooden Alice in Wonderland brooch because it was $7.95. I then dropped in at Cath’s place on the way home and she fed me a BLT toasted sandwich and homemade chocolate cake and good conversation, which was a lovely late Saturday lunch.

~ Later on Saturday I started work on another book index. Truth is, it’s somewhat reassuring to be asked to do another index, after I was responsible for the index which became a strange feature of this article (who would have thought?). Back then I frantically went and did a word search of that document in fear and dread, and I don’t actually think I necessarily needed to do differently as an indexer, but had I known what was coming I’d have cross-referenced John Chapman all over the index. I stayed out of all public commenting on that issue, as because I both compiled the index and used to work at Matthias Media it was all a bit sticky (there were a lot of comments on social media I never hit the “publish” button on). I have seen more loving things put in print than using a comment by a father as a lead in to publicly criticising the work of his son, but I will say no more. This current book is very interesting, and I have been underlying portions of it that have nothing to do with the index (and it even has lots of poetry in it), but I should wait till it’s published before I say anymore about this one either.

~ We have started a new sermon series at church on Exodus. So far so good. I really liked last night’s sermon.

~ I’m still reading The Brothers Karamazov by Dostoevsky. I mean, I’ve already read one good novel’s worth of pages, but am only about half way through.

~ I put flannelette sheets on my bed. I don’t think I have had these since I was a kid, but I saw some on sale and thought they might mean I didn’t spend the first half hour in bed every night in the foetal position because it was too cold down the end. They are the colour of pink marshmallow (mainly because that is all they had left as my room is actually blue if it is any colour) and it was so nice getting into bed last night.

(I forgot Shakespeare altogether again today, sorry. I did think of it last night, then forgot again. Later.)

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