Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The problem with 'us"

Somewhat further to what I wrote yesterday about recommending books, here is an article by Michael Jensen called The Problem with ‘us’, which points out some of the dangers, and also the benefits, of “groupthink”. Some highlights:
… when we understand the human tendency to groupthink, and to set up ‘inner rings’ (to use the terminology invented by CS Lewis), we will want to be alert to the possibility that our ‘us-ness’ is making us blind.

… it is worth remembering that the Word of God itself creates the church, and remains its only measure and judge. The church ought always to bring itself to the bar of Scripture and measure itself – not simply by what sounds like ‘us’, but by what sounds like ‘him’.

One thing is certain: if we think that ‘us’ is enough reason to decide anything, we really are failing to practice our own convictions ...

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