Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Foto

A few quick links on that unmentionable subject. I did like this: Pip Lincolne, Melbourne creative and blogger extraordinaire (whose blog I follow for the crochet) decided to weigh in on politics and tell us all to Pull Our Socks Up. Yes. Annabel Crabb talks some sense on the gender issue here at The Drum too (not that I am comprehensively onboard the bandwagon that we should live in some kind of non-gendered world). That is all.

This is my new shiny thing. I was going to get some very practical and functional sleeve to carry it around in, but then I thought, 'ooh, why not the fancy apple green spotty one'. So I did. (It's Kate Spade, not that I care, I just like green, and it was only $10 more than basic neoprene, not $300.) I'm loving this new shiny thing so far. It's smaller than an A4 piece of paper. And I have a new reason to keep my desk tidy, otherwise I could lose it on there.

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