Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Believing the gospel for our friends

If you have ever had a friend, or know someone who has had a friend, then it is worth reading this.

I've got a couple of friends who make me feel unsafe, and I just sort of know by instinct (or else I have learnt the hard way) what I'm supposed to say, or not say, to them, but I feel that there is generally more danger of the second paragraph, where we pile up the empathy, in myself, and in the circle of people I know. However, as Wendy reminds us here, that is not always the most truly loving response.

And, just for fun, several friends have posted this on Facebook already, but I thought I’d share. This is, apparently, how it would be if Myers-Briggs personality typing existed in bible times (though there are funny comments on FB, like ‘I thought Paul was more introverted’ etc). I’m a little disappointed that INFJ didn’t get Jesus (I have actually seen so before!), but “insightful protector” is not so bad. I love it that my type is the one weeping – melancholics unite!

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