Thursday, June 06, 2013

A snafu

In indexing this book I have come across the previously un-encountered word "snafu". What kind of bubble have I been living in? Maybe my whole life has been a snafu and I didn't know it.

Here are some definitions (from here and here):

a) a badly confused or ridiculously muddled situation
Synonyms: snarl, bedlam, tumult, disarray, disorder, confusion, mess; foul-up. Antonyms: order, efficiency, calm.

b) confusion or chaos regarded as the normal state

c) a situation marked by errors or confusion


Andrew said...

The word is actually an acronym, and it is probably a good thing you have not come across it before. At least one of the letters is a word you wouldn't want your grandmother hearing.

Ali said...

Oh, I did see that, but I think it actually stands alone as a word now, quite apart from the military slang/acronym (at least I hope so).