Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A ramble about new things

Well, here I am on my new shiny toy, so skip this post if you don’t want to read details about computers and general rambling.

I went to the Apple Store. Turns out the warped back of my computer was just a design flaw, so they replaced that with a nice new back for nothing. Also turns out that, while the battery failed the test, the computer should work with zero battery power, so then it turns out the problem was actually the charger not working. But it also turns out that the screen was getting up this rioting of scrolling past occasionally because the LED display connection was loose somewhere. So, I could have fixed it all for about $350 for the display, $150 for the battery, $90 for a new charger, which was getting up to half the price of a new computer to fix something four years old. Apple man said he wouldn’t spend money fixing the display. So, I decided not too. I realised later that I could have just bought a new charger and continued to limp along with computer as is at home, just jiggling screen around when it went scrolling by, which worked, mostly, and perhaps that would have been sensible for now, though it might not have lasted long. But I plunged in and bought a new shiny thing, because once you have the idea of a new shiny thing it is hard to change your mind. But I might get a second-hand charger and use that one as back up. Or Apple man also said people actually buy old computers on eBay and places so I could sell it and not hoard old computers.

What I decided on is the iPad you buy when you are buying a computer, or maybe it is the computer you buy when you are buying an iPad. The rationale was that I can’t justify owning a laptop and an iPad, I just don’t have the need. But I do like the idea of the portability of the iPad, for holidays and sitting in cafes and general carrying about. So then I discovered that the new 11” Macbook Air now comes with 256 GB flash drive and nine hours battery life, and yet is scarcely any bigger or heavier than an iPad, but is a fully-functioning whizz bang computer. So, that is what I got, and I now I have an itsy bitsy skinny weightless computer. And now I just need to clean up all this junk I have transferred over from the last computer.

In other news, I actually watched some of the final of The Voice last night. My flatmate had it on while I was trying to be alternative and read the Frankie Magazine that came in the post yesterday. Hah! I quite liked that red-haired lass though. She is a little folksy. I kept wondering who her voice occasionally reminded me of, and I think it is the singer from Florence and the Machine. Then came that Robin what’s-his-name singing something that has apparently been No 1 for six weeks in this country and reminded me why I don’t listen to pop music – where you get lyrics like “I know you want it” and women gyrating in black crop tops. Horrible.

In further news, in the last week I have found two grey woolen Witchery dresses in op-shops. I am very impressed with both of them. I like Witchery clothes, but I look at the prices and try to stop my eyes widening, and each of these dresses would have been at least $150 new I’d say. One is a short-sleeve knee-length tunic with a roll neck and belt. The other is a long-sleeve longer dress that is so plain it is almost quakerish, but it looks nice on and just needs a necklace. One says “dry clean only” but who actually does that? Obviously not the previous owner because I think the reason both of these dresses were in Vinnies is because somebody shrunk them from the original size. Public Service Announcement: If you put woolen things in the washing machine they will shrink! But I am pleased to have them and will hand-wash them and care for them. And I think I have now almost overdone grey in the winter wardrobe. I am not supposed to wear black as it is too harsh with my colouring, but grey is softer and works, so it seems I have been on a run of grey things and now there are enough grey things.

So, here endeth this ramble about all my new grey shiny and woolen things.


Karen said...

I supervised a student on prac earlier this year who owned a Macbook Air. I couldn't believe how lightweight it felt for a real computer (as I lugged my heavy Health Dept laptop back and forth each day...). We decided to go for the iPad when we needed a new shiny computer recently, since the kids are using it regularly in their class at school now.

I love hearing about great clothing finds in op shops too. Well done :)

Ali said...

Hi Karen,
Yes, I think it is less than half the weight of my old one. Amazing. Kids these days ... must be hard to keep up with what they know how to do on electronic things.

I am glad somebody likes my raving about op shop finds! Thanks.