Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Lone Bellow

I am not one of those people who constantly ferrets out a whole lot of new music and new artists. I tend to be some kind of loyalist who just buys the latest album from my old friends. But I fell into a lengthy conversation with the music guy from my church the other night at party, and he said I might like The Lone Bellow. So I went sniffing after these people.

I do like The Lone Bellow, so much so that I bought their album, especially after I read that they started the band to raise money for the wife of one member who was injured in an accident.

They are a little bit Mumford and Sons, a little bit The Swell Season, a little bit bluegrass. And they are from Brooklyn, so they must be cool.

Here is a music video from their debut album. This song is a little more upbeat and rousing than some, and three cheers for making a respectable and interesting music video. You can also listen to You Never Need Nobody and Looking for You (or watch the NPR tiny desk concert, or get fragments of each song on the album here and no doubt on iTunes).


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