Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Once upon a time ...

Once upon a time there were created two little mice, named Winifred and Millicent.
(I made these for my niece's sixth birthday, but I am rather taken with them myself.) 

Millicent liked to drink tea from her own special teacup and saucer, though it was a smidgeon too large for her small paws. It was given to her one Autumn by her cousins who lived in Brambly Hedge.

Winifred preferred playing in the teacups belonging to the humans.

But Winifred and Millicent shared a love of books.

And they lived happily ever after. 

(I know I have been stereotypical using pink and blue, but I had a small amount of blue yarn left over that was perfect for Winifred, and my niece actually likes pink, and so she may have pink (I don't believe in spurning gender differences in any case). I have broken down other stereotypes, however, in that Millicent ended up a fraction taller than Winifred (though technically they should be the same size - all part of the "uniqueness" of handmade items). This pattern is from Inside Crochet Magazine, Issue 35, which you can buy online and it is also in their Complete Guide to Crochet.)


Meredith said...

So exquisitely sweet. Back in my very early adult years my sister bought me a set of Brambly Hedge beakers - one a year for my birthday until I had all four. And then when our boys were small I found a boxed set of the books. Which we all loved reading together. So Brambly Hedge has a special place in my heart.

Glad Millicent and Winifred had such fun at your house. I hope they have fun with your niece.

Ali said...

Ah thank you Meredith. Yes, I have some Brambly Hedge cups and saucers in the cupboard waiting their time ... The illustrations were so enchanting and the idea of a family of mice living in a hedge captures my imagination.

How amazing is this lady's creation: