Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Life envy

I have to confess, I have life envy. I read this post today and sighed and yearned. How fabulous would that be? It perhaps weaves into my personality post of yesterday, with it's pointers to imagination and logic (I love her discussion of Reason and Imagination), as well as the earlier one on the influence of books in the lives of children.

I need to make some decisions of my own soon about where to go from here, which I am finding difficult because where I have been thus far doesn’t necessarily add up to anything (and many is the time I could kick myself that I didn’t do an Arts degree!). And then the other side of me tells me that where I am is fine, and that since what I love is not something I am likely to get paid for, or something that further study is likely to make vocational (I have my doubts that something like a Masters in poetry is going to take me anywhere, or that making things in crochet, or with words, is my get-rich-quick scheme), this will do as a fairly low-stress fundraiser that allows me to do other things. But then …


Jessica said...

Thanks for sharing that blog. I'm going to share it also. Much gold.

One day, I want to own a piano. Not a big thing really, but it's not compatible with renting a flat, which is where my life is for now. I like my life for now, but I look forward to one day living somewhere with a piano. Hard to see it happening, but it's nice to have a goal. Anticipation adds pleasure to life, whereas decisions and actual change are stressful.

Ali said...

You're welcome. Glad somebody liked it.

Ah yes, let's just live on in anticipation ... Right now though I actually feel ready for a change, I just don't yet know what, which is the hard part.