Monday, May 06, 2013

Joni and her friends

Well I had a good time at the album cover fancy dress party the other evening. Other guests included Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, Bruce Springsteen, Mark Knopfler, Simon and Garfunkel, Elvis ... so it was great to finally meet those guys. The host and pinned record covers to the wall along his very long hallway and Joni Mitchell was there, so I felt that I belonged.

Below is a picture of the dress I put on, under my authentic 70s leather coat. The rest of me looks like a dork in this picture, but I wanted to show you this dress anyway. I mentioned that my Aunt volunteers in an op-shop. Well, she also brings home the rags from the shop, which is anything deemed unsaleable owing either to its style or condition, because she’s like that. Most of them go to her cousin’s farm, but sometimes she salvages items. So we were going through this rag bag and out came this dress. I tried it on and decided I was keeping it. It’s delightfully retro, and I intend to wear it even when I am not in fancy dress. Folks at my church on the lower north shore might think I am queer, but where I live in the inner-west I will be cool.

You can partly see that I dragged my hair out straight and did my best to imitate Joni.

And depending on your musical taste, the night either descended or ascended into this video below. The host and his duo Widow’s Walk played a few songs for us from their upcoming EP, which are more in the mellow, folk tradition, then a few others joined in for some tunes, then around went a box of percussion instruments so we could all join in. When someone shouted out a request for Sweet Child of Mine, they obliged, and this is what happened.



Catherine said...

Great costume! Sounds like it was a great night.

Ali said...

Thanks Cath! Yes, it was good fun!