Monday, May 13, 2013

Holman bible recommendations anyone?

We are making the switch to the Holman Bible at church, because the 1984 NIV we currently have is discontinued, and so we have been trialing both the new NIV and the Holman for the last few months and the decision has been made in favour of the Holman. They are also hoping to change the church culture and encourage folks to bring their own bible along, rather than rely on pew bibles. So, the opportunity to buy a new book always appeals, and I wouldn’t mind a new everyday reading bible. I’m still only up to Romans in my epic ESV Study Bible journey, but once I’m done with that I’d like something less cumbersome and heavy to read (that monster can be so uncomfortable), but a bit bigger than the other pocket ESV and NIV I already have. I’d like one that was reasonably compact, but without having microscopic print or tissue thin paper, so that I can underline or write in it, and preferably with a bonded leather sort of cover (not hardback) and no red print. So I had a look online at options, but there are so many of them. Does anybody out there know a good one? I’m thinking it will be easier to go into a shop and look than try to do this online.

In slightly related news, I came up with a new and novel way of injuring yourself at home on the weekend. I think I put one knee on my desk chair and leaned over it to unplug my computer charge chord from the powerboard on the floor in my bedroom, because I wanted it in the loungeroom, only I didn’t grip the chord from the plug but further up the chord, obviously, so that when it did release from the powerboard the end of the chord whipped up and hit me quite forcefully in the face. So I then had a bruised lump with a cut in the middle of it from one of the three metal prongs hitting me right between the eyes. It had mellowed somewhat by Sunday evening, but I had to get up and read the bible in church, so I did my best with a concealer stick and think I largely got away with it. There is no end to the possible and imaginative ways of inflicting damage on yourself.


Jean said...

A general thought (the only way I managed to find a non-red-letter NIV1984 before they all ran out):

- check out the local shops, but remember
- you might need to buy it online; many/most of the Bibles in Australian shops are red letter
- if so, buy it from Britain; the American ones are all red letter.

Hope that helps!

Love Jean.

Ali said...

Ah thanks Jean! That is helpful. Yes, the red letter is not my primary concern, but it is annoying that they do that as a matter of course. And yes, I thought I might like instore then buy online. The thing about online is that most of them only show a picture of the cover or even just the box, and I can't tell what the paper is like, or how big the margins, or any such thing ... I shall wait until I find the right one. (There are plenty of download options, but the idea or reading the bible on my phone really does not appeal to me.)