Monday, May 20, 2013

Cooking for one

Cooking a meal for yourself every night when there is only you to eat it can get rather uninspiring, I say. But I do try to eat reasonably well – as in being healthy and minimising take-away.

I have only one shelf of a smallish freezer, so have limited capacity to cook larger amounts and freeze meals for the future. Also, a few years ago I decided to reduce consumption of the sort of meals that freeze well, which are usually doused in sauces (like curries, stirfries, casseroles) and served with carbs (like rice, cous cous, pasta), in favour of a portion of meat and fresher salad or veges more often.

Still, sometimes I just can’t be bothered with it all, or have run out of supplies, or need something that’s fast to make. So, here is one of the things I eat on those occasions (with apologies for the photo, which I took on my phone on impulse and is, for some reason, out of focus, and makes no attempt to hide the messy bowl – I am keeping it real – but I did instagram it, to give it some right to exist in social media).

All you do is cook the usual half a cup of cous cous, which is almost too much when you add a lot of other things, as you can see from this enormous bowlful here. Then I add a little tin of lemon and pepper flavoured salmon. I love this. I am not such a big fan of tinned salmon that comes with bones and skin in it, but I liked these flavoured ones, especially the lemon and pepper. (You could also use tuna, but let’s be honest, it’s not as nice). Then here all I added are some chopped cherry tomatoes and cucumber, but the possibilities are endless in terms of vegetables (or fruit).

And voila! It takes about five minutes, because while the cous cous sits and does its thing I chop throw the rest into a bowl, and is reasonably balanced, fat-free and inexpensive.

And that makes about two practical posts from me this year.

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