Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Duets of tragic romance - The Civil Wars

I’m all out of output at the present. Life seems to be sapping the mental and emotional energy out of me. It’s also the week before the June press date at work, and as for most companies the end of the financial year is important, so the pressure is on. Yesterday I discovered an error in something that needs to go to print, and the only IT person who is able to fix it has been away sick yesterday and again today, so, I try not to stress about that and move on to something else.

But, I have also been pointed in the direction of The Civil Wars, on the music front. I do like a good male/female duet of tragic romance, and these folks deliver.

You may have all been listening to them for years, but if not the first video is one of their hits (you can watch the music video here with five and half million other people, but when I listen to a song for the first time I prefer it without video). The song at the bottom sounds a little like musical theatre, but I can’t stop going back to listen to it. I love the melody. (There is a video with the lyrics here, but the volume is low on that one.)

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Jessica said...

And they broke up recently, which was even more tragic.