Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Collecting old junk

I believe I might have crossed a line, a line that is somewhere down the road to featuring on an episode of hoarders. I have started to collect junk off the side of the road, for which I have no conceivable use (not yet, but that is the basic symptom of hoarding is it not?).

There is a house in my street, or actually the back of a house that faces the street behind on my street, that is three quarters of the way to derelict. Last Wednesday when I was working from home I went for a walk at lunch time up to the local supermarket, and at the back of this house there was a pile of junk on the footpath, with a sign up letting us know it was free to all. And I found this.

It is an old preserving steriliser – a Fowler’s Vacola to be exact. It has the old thermometer holder on the side.

Inside it were these – jar lids and clamps. Too bad there were no jars as well, because I like old preserving jars. And I like them even better when they are full of stewed quinces.

In the bottom, where it is most rusty, is this weird bit that lifts up.

Like I said, I don’t know exactly what I am going to do with it. One day when I live in a ramshackle house in the country, rather than an apartment in the city, it might find its place.

On the weekend I washed it and sprayed it with WD40, to settle the rust, and I even gathered up Rust Killer paint charts from the hardware store as I walked by, because I think I shall just paint it to deal with the rusty bottom and turn it into a storage bucket for, well, I don’t know. Something.

I do quite like finding and restoring old things, where time and space permits. It has within it traces of redemption.


Rochelle said...

Oh but you can't, the rust is the most enchanting part

Ali said...

Oh, I know, but don't know how to make it actually useful without treating the rust somehow ... I can't put yarn in on that can I? :)