Tuesday, May 07, 2013

A wisp of fog

I completely forgot Shakespeare for today, sorry. And my well is otherwise dry.

In between swanning about catching up with people for most of the weekend (you just have to make the most of it when these opportunities present themselves) I was madly trying to finish a crocheted present for my niece’s birthday this Friday (this to go with the Jane Eyre bird cage necklace and a few other little things - I also bought her one of these Fred toast stamps and included a recipe for French Toast, as she enjoys cooking, which I thought was fun). I made a wide headband/ear warmer with two loose flowers on it, because she likes to wear such things around her head, and then I completely forgot to photograph it before I wrapped it. I also used up hours of my life trying to make a cowl to match, but after fiddling about with three different yarns I decided they were all working up too stiffly so I unravelled it all and gave up. A cowl needs to be soft and squishy, so I will have another go at that some other time. (This was all left to the last minute largely because the particular colour yarn that I ordered online went on backorder and didn't arrive till last week, about two weeks after I was expecting it.) I was also aiming to make a Mother’s Day card, but gave that up and used a bought on.

So last night after work I did the vacuuming and mopping I didn’t do on the weekend, bundled up the birthday and Mother’s Day parcels (they needed to be in the mail today to be sure they reached Queensland and Victoria) then decided to read a few chapters in Crossing to Safety by Wallace Stegner. I am loving this book, but haven’t had a lot of time to read it over the last two weekends. There is much I could quote from it.

Tonight we have a women’s evening at my church. We have these occasions called Ten Things I’ve Learned About Life, where two women from the congregation share five things each that they have learned through their own journeys. My new-found friend is speaking, which I am looking forward to. Then tomorrow night I am actually sneaking in to a night on marriage, also at my church. Keith and Sarah Condie are speaking on Staying Emotionally Connected in Marriage, and I have long been curious about what they have to say, so I asked whether I could go and whether I would look like a goose because I am single and was assured it was fine. (And I am now doing the supper so that will give me an excuse for being there!)

So, all might be quiet in the fog for a few days.

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