Friday, May 03, 2013

A night of English country dance

Last night I went along to an English Country Dance class. I have mentioned before that the lady (now friend) I am meeting up with one-to-one teaches these classes. She has been saying that she’d like more folks from our church to go along, simply to interact with the community people who come, so I figured I could do that, but till now haven't been able to make it. I quite like a spot of dancing with set moves and enjoyed prancing about to the English Country music.

The crowd who come along is, well, eclectic to say the least, but I got talking to three younger girls who all work together and decided to come, one of whom dragged her husband with her (who provided the evening’s amusement as he crashed about in good humour). We spouted the odd Jane Austen line to each other as we passed.

If you have no idea what this style of dancing is, well, here are some examples. We actually did the dance in which bumbling Mr Collins goes the wrong way in Pride and Prejudice. Then we danced another to a tune played by the same fellow who plays violin in the version of Pride and Prejudice featuring Keira Knightley (this is a better version of this scene, but I can’t embed it). My preferred version of Pride and Prejudice will always be that featuring Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle, however, which is at the bottom.

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