Wednesday, May 01, 2013

A new old musical instrument

I have an Aunt who volunteers one day a week in an op shop run by her church, which surprisingly makes enough money to pay the shop rent and also support missionaries, even though everything in it is super cheap. So, how could I resist? I went there recently and found this “vintage” wooden Schneider recorder.

I have since been revisiting my youth (after cleaning the head with antibacterial solution). Though I actually recall that I took my flute in to most early high school music lessons, and while the rest of the class shrilled away on plastic recorders, I played along on the flute, and tried to maintain some enthusiasm. My private flute teacher (who mostly played jazz reeds) actually recorded some albums playing wooden recorders if I remember rightly. I wouldn’t mind playing something like an alto baroque wooden recorder (but I just found myself looking at Mollenhauer recorders on ebay – yikes they are expensive!).

I believe most Schneider recorders are now made from Maple wood, but I have no way of telling with this one. It's quite reddish in colour.

I also found these books for $1 each. Bargain. I already own and have read Encouragement, so I will give that away, but I didn't have Paul Grimmond's book.

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