Saturday, May 04, 2013

A belated Friday funny

Here’s a late Friday funny. You just have to humour me here. I joked on Facebook the other day that I should have invited Richard Armitage to come to English Country Dance, since he’s in town here at the moment (I believe he’s on Hobbit business, but I prefer him behaving like John Thornton). Anyway, I believe made this association because years ago he featured quite a lot in that Regency Hero video that we all watched on youtube (and of course, I wouldn't have to invite him to anything, because he'd be inviting me in Regency Hero style). So, I went looking for that video and discovered that some spoil sport had taken out the audio. But you can still do this. If you click this video, you will have a few seconds while she says “C minor, put it in C minor” (you don’t need to see this video) to get back here and click play on this video below. If you click play as soon as she finished "C minor" you should be in synch. It's just a little of fun, featuring many examples of English country dance (and a few scenes that I am fairly sure aren't out of BBC classics) and whoever put this together is clever.


Jessica said...

I forgot how brilliant.

Catherine said...

I loved that! And well done for working out that way of working the audio - it really did work!

I have to say, Richard Armitage's performance as Mr Thornton still towers above all those other male costume drama roles for me. He just has so much lovely intensity about him. Whenever I start watching North and South, I end up staying up till 2 in the morning to finish it. And it's one of those rare ones where the ending in the movie is actually better than in the book!

Ali said...

Cath, I might have to go watch it again! I do have a soft spot for Timothy Dalton as Rochester and I am fond of Colin Firth (but not sure he can quite capture the austerity of Mr Darcy). I also like the chap from Daniel Deronda, featured rowing the boat here.