Thursday, April 11, 2013

The post that got away

Do you know, I thought I had mastered blogger, but I am quite mystified by what happened yesterday. I thought I posted that last post about 4 pm ish yesterday, which obviously I did because it went to Google reader, but then when I got home from bible study last night, my blogger screen was still up, and I noticed it said “draft”, and I thought 'that’s funny, didn’t I post that?', so I published it again. But then this morning I discovered that in hitting publish on that draft, I had published some earlier version, complete with unfinished sentences. So, I don’t know what went on. Apologies if you read the scrappy version with unfinished sentences.

(And yes, I am still using Google reader. I have set up Feedly, but why change technology before I have to, I say.)

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