Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Some more blinks on temperament

Four Lies About Introverts. This has been all over facebook, so you have probably seen it. I think a lot of people who read this blog are introverts, so I will link this here. Extraverts should perhaps exit and go and read blogs by extraverts. :)

Simone has been linking personality tests on facebook. Fun. The Personality Desk and 16 Personalities.

Only if you are new reader will you not know that I am an INFJ. (I do recommend doing a more professional or comprehensive test if you really want to diagnose yourself, eg Keirsey, as I have known of people to get very dubious results from short online freebies.) I am the rarest type apparently, according to one of these sites, with an "unusual set of traits" according to the other. Brilliant. I certainly sense this at times (little wonder I occasionally feel like I freak). I also think I detect fairly swiftly at least whether someone else is in the N category or not (the "intuitive connection"), or when I have reached that point with someone beyond which I know the conversation is going to fall over. Supposedly one of my bigger difficulties could be using objective logic in decision-making. Interesting. I actually HD'd Pure Maths at University and my specialty was “proofs” so my objective logic processes aren't at fault, I just don’t always apply them to decisions, which has been known to lead me into trouble (I know that I don’t value logic above all else, but I have found often enough that the truth of a situation doesn’t actually lie in the logic either). Apparently I can also fly off into imagination and idealism and neglect reality, or "overheat" in zeal and determination. Hmmm. Oh, and then there is my Achilles heel of vulnerability to personal conflict.

One thing that is fairly obvious when folks do personality tests is that most people seem rather fond of their own type (and it seems to depend a little on who wrote the descriptions as to whether you get a more positive or negative description), which I guess only makes sense. So I have been reading up on some of the other types (something of an antidote to the naval-gazing), particularly of people who occasionally puzzle me, which is quite enlightening. For example, when I read things like how another type can have difficulty noticing the emotional experience of others that is helpful information (we INFJs are the emotions people, so it can be useful to know when you’re dealing with someone who isn’t).

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