Monday, April 15, 2013

Family news!

I have some rather astonishing news to share.

If you have been reading this blog for some time you might remember the year that my older sister had three heart attacks within a week, which was a conundrum in itself, and seemingly connected to the fact that she has a kidney disease, with which she was surprisingly diagnosed in her twenties. Then you might remember the year that we were told that she had Stage 4 ovarian cancer, which is essentially terminal. But we all started praying after that diagnosis and within two weeks her tumour blood count had dropped significantly, and the ultrasound looked different, and when they went in and removed the “tumour” and one ovary, they discovered nothing more sinister than a cyst bleeding in on itself (whether it was a medical misdiagnosis in the first place, or a miracle, we don’t really care - Praise the Lord either way!).

Well, wonder of all wonders, this is the year that she is pregnant!

Obviously there are some concerns with her health conditions, and it’s fourteen years after the last baby, so I will just leave you to work that out, but I think it’s very exciting (as do they) and that God must be about something! We don’t write our own stories ...

I was sitting here on the couch one evening weaving in the ends on this baby’s oldest sister’s rug, thinking to myself that it was the last rug I would crochet for a niece or nephew, and then not ten minutes later the phone rings and my sister says to me ‘you might not have finished making those rugs Ali’. I was amazed.

She has been to see an obstetrician who specialises in high-risk pregnancies, and in the course of discussion my sister said ‘well we wouldn't terminate it anyway’, explaining that the reason is because they are Christians, and so found out that the obstetrician is also a Christian. So that is a great blessing.

If you would like to say any prayers on their behalf, those would be appreciated.

P.S. For those of you who are also single, I did let out a small sigh of my own in the wake of this news, because the having and raising of children is an experience I would love to share with my sisters, and my friends, but I know I need to keep on accepting that unless a fellow asks me out soon, and properly (you know, with intention, and a yes/no question), that is not so likely, and keep on trusting that that is how God would have it.


Karen said...

Wow. That is exciting news, Ali. I do hope that everything goes smoothly for your sister and it is good to hear she is off to a good start finding an obstetrician who is a Christian to manage the pregnancy.

Praying for you too, that you'll be able to keep on trusting in God through your own struggles. Take care.

Meredith said...

"God must be about something! We don’t write our own stories." Those are great words - and great words to take into this new chapter. It will be a privilege to pray for this one.

Ali said...

Thank you Karen and Meredith, for your kind words and encouragement! Your prayers will be much appreciated. It is so exciting.

Dene said...

Lovely to hear especially in the light of her earlier troubles. Thanks for sharing your joy and pain.