Saturday, April 06, 2013

New books!

These came in the mail this week. They landed on my desk in a ridiculously large blue French Mail postal sack, of the sort you'd empty a whole post box into, tied up with cables, even though I ordered them through ebay from a company in England. I said to the Bruce, the work mailman, 'what on earth is that?' and he said 'I don't know, but it's got your name on it'.

But aren't they lovely? I am loving their vintage look. They are reprints of the original first edition releases, illustrated by Pauline Baynes.

I realised recently that it had been so long since I read these stories that I couldn't remember them, and thought it would be nice to revisit them all. Then I realised that I didn't actually own them all, so I have now amended that, with apologies to CS Lewis and my book collection.

The covers are lovely. You can see them all here.

I may seem to have been indulgent of late. Even though the company and the publishing industry as a whole is struggling, they did give us a small bonus, as usual, at work in March. So I got myself those solar umbrellas, a few books of my 'wish list', bought some new running shoes that I needed anyway, and aimed to be sensible with what was left (and shelved the idea of an iPad, a coffee machine or a stereo system for now!). Below are two other novels I have been wanting to read for some time. I'm looking forward to beginning them when I have finished a few other books.

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Jessica said...

Very pretty. I hope you blog any fresh thoughts you have when you read them.