Wednesday, April 17, 2013

From a mother to her son in the wake of Steubenville and Gosnell

I don't write often about current affairs or the latest theological or church hot topic here in the fog, simply because that is not the little piece of the internet I have carved out for myself, and because there are other blogs aplenty who do that and do it well (of which I do read many, even though you'd never know).

But I thought this post, a letter Ann Voskamp wrote to her son in the wake of Gosnell and Steubenville, was something beautiful. It really is worth reading the whole article.


Anonymous said...

Just to let you know, the morning after pill is not especially effective because it is not abortifacent. As a Christian doctor I had to look into this... the levonorgestrel pill works by delaying ovulation, if ovulation has not yet occurred in the cycle, by long enough that the sperm will die before ovulation occurs. If there is already a pregnancy, it will not effect the outcome. If the woman has already ovulated, it will not effect the outcome. I wish I had known this prior to not being able to help out women who came to the emergency department seeking this form of contraception.

Ali said...

Hmm, thanks Anon, that is very interesting. However, that is not the information that is commonly available, so I don't understand why it is so complicated and obtuse that even a doctor had to investigate further to find the facts. I did a quick search just now and found this information "It can prevent pregnancy by either delaying ovulation so that sperm will not be able to survive long enough to fertilise an egg or the other mechanism is the prevention of a fertilised egg implanting in the uterus." As far as I am concerned, preventing a fertilised egg implanting in the uterus (which is what I understood this pill to do) is a potential abortion, and why I don't support it's use.

Ali said...

By the way, I removed the personal story I had added to this post, details of which these comments refer to, not because I think anyone who reads this blog would identify the person I mentioned (though I weighed that carefully originally) but because I decided when posting it that I probably wouldn’t leave it there in perpetuity in any case (and I think it is good not to leave some things on the world wide web forever). Also, the purpose of including that “story” was to illustrate that if we want women not to have abortions, then we need to be prepared to offer support if they have the baby – and perhaps it didn’t serve that purpose so well.