Saturday, April 13, 2013

A bird cage and a pair of ruby shoes

I just had to share this necklace I bought this morning for my nieces upcoming birthday. It's from the Literary Emporium, and I could have bought one of each of their necklaces in the store purely for myself (go see!). This quote might seem a little "more girl power to you" taken out of context from Jane Eyre, but perhaps it shall inspire my niece to read it, which would be a good thing. (Her older sister appears to have navigated the teens well thus far, with a nice group of studious and creative friends, but the younger one, while much more extraverted and people-oriented, has had more trouble finding friends of good influence, and seems in more danger of being led astray by her wish to belong. And so we pray.)

I also finished two pairs of these little ruby shoes during the week, ready to be shipped off to baby girls near and far. (Strange people out there might think them racist, but I actually like these little golliwogs.)


Rio said...

Thank you so much for mentioning Literary Emporium on your blog :) I'm so pleased you like the necklaces and I love that something handmade by me is being sold in a bookshop in Australia! :)

Ali said...

Ooh Rio, they are so lovely. And it's a very funky book cafe in Newtown that is selling them!