Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sit with me and tell me once again ...

Last night I lead my connect group, as a one-off because our leader is away. I am in an all-girls group this year, as we don’t have enough male leaders, or even enough men to be in groups such that they get spread pretty thin, and creating a girls group seemed to be one way to do something about this. The passage was Ephesians 4:17-5:2. The main point that folks were to take away from the study was “Change your life by renewing your minds with the gospel so you live like Jesus, for the sake of the world”.

If you look at how Ephesians is structured we put off the old self, but in between that and putting on the new self comes this business of a renewed mind (vv 23-24). It would seem this is necessary to bring about the true righteousness and holiness of vs 24. In the sermon on Sunday night, which you can listen to here, we were reminded of the “story” we’re all part of, as we are told in Ephesians Ch 1 and the rest of the book. Our pastor gave this neat illustration, based on the acting prowess of Daniel Day Lewis, that we need to “read and know the script” (ie the bible) if we are to know how to play our roles well.

We were also challenged as to why we don’t speak this truth, that we were taught and know in Jesus (vs 21), to each other more often, with the point made that “speaking the truth in love” (4:15) doesn’t just mean rebuking people nicely, though that might at times necessary, but also simply speaking the truth into people’s lives.

So, at the end of bible study I got a little fluffy if you will and played one of my favourite Sara Groves songs, because it was running through my head during the sermon and seemed apt. I’ve posted it before, but here it is again, with lyrics. It's essentially about reminding each other of the beauty of the gospel. (And even as I post it sings like an ideal, that I don't do nearly as often as I could, but it is something to aim for.)


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