Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Rejection and daddy issues

I read this post over at Practical Theology for Women the other day. I have a radar for such posts.

I am still wondering what it actually means for me. The plain truth is that I grew up without much in the way of affirmation from men, and I have little of it in my life at present. But the thing about having a completely absent father is that you can imagine he was almost anything. I like to fancy that my Dad would have approved of me, and been there for me, and been on my side against the world. But I am not so na├»ve that I don’t know that were he alive I might be disappointed in other ways. So, hmmm. The point is simply that you run to Christ for your identity and affirmation, regardless. I like how Wendy spells this out.

I am actually reading Jenny Brown’s Growing Yourself Up: How to bring your best to all of life's relationships at the moment, based on Bowen’s theory of family systems, which is proving interesting. I am not far in so will save further comment for later.


Catherine said...

Hi Ali,
I've just started that book over the weekend too! Look forward to chatting about it.

Ali said...

Ah yes, how fortuitous - we must do that!